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University of California at Berkeley

terry [dot] regier [at] berkeley [dot] edu


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SILC Faculty Member and member of our Spatial Network.

Biographical Sketch:


Professional preparation:

University of Michigan, Computer Science, B.S., 1983.

UC Berkeley, Computer Science, Ph.D., 1992.


Postdoctoral researcher, International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley, 1992.

Lecturer, Computer Science, UC Berkeley, 1993.

Assistant professor, Psychology, University of Chicago, 1994-2001.

Associate professor, Psychology, University of Chicago, 2001-2009.

Associate professor, Linguistics and Cognitive Science, UC Berkeley, 2009-present.

Five most relevant publications

Regier, T. (1996). The human semantic potential: Spatial language and constrained connectionism. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press

Crawford, E., Regier, T., & Huttenlocher, J. (2000). Linguistic and non-linguistic spatial categorization. Cognition, 75, 209-235.

Regier, T. & Carlson, L. (2001). Grounding spatial language in perception: An empirical and computational investigation. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 130, 273-298.

Regier, T. (2005). The emergence of words: Attentional learning in form and meaning. Cognitive Science 29, 819-865.

Regier, T. & Zheng, M. (2007). Attention to endpoints: A cross-linguistic constraint on spatial meaning. Cognitive Science, 31, 705-719.

Five other recent publications

Regier, T. & Gahl, S. (2004). Learning the unlearnable: The role of missing evidence. Cognition 93, 147-155

Gilbert, A., Regier, T., Kay, P., & Ivry, R. (2006). Whorf hypothesis is supported in the right visual field but not the left. PNAS, 103, 489-494.

Regier, T., Kay, P., & Khetarpal, N. (2007). Color naming reflects optimal partitions of color space. PNAS, 104, 1436-1441.

Foraker, S., Regier, T., Khetarpal, N., Perfors, A., & Tenenbaum, J. (2009). Indirect evidence and the poverty of the stimulus: The case of anaphoric one. Cognitive Science, 33, 287-300.

Regier, T. & Kay, P. (2009). Language, thought, and color: Whorf was half right. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 13, 439-446.


Selected Synergistic Activities:

Editorial board of reviewers (2004-2005): Cognitive Science

Co-chair of the 2004 annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society.

Invited participant, Future challenges for the science and engineering of learning, NSF workshop, July 2007.

Associate editor (2009-present): Cognitive Science

Collaborators in the last four years: Paul Kay (ICSI/Berkeley), Barbara Malt (Lehigh), Steven Sloman (Brown), Asifa Majid (MPI Nijmegen), Stephani Foraker (Buffalo State), Amy Perfors (Adelaide), Joshua Tenenbaum (MIT), Muhammad Ali Khalidi (York U., Toronto), Anna Franklin (Surrey), Ian Davies (Surrey), Richard Ivry (Berkeley).

Graduate advisor: Jerome Feldman (Berkeley)

PhD students supervised in the last five years: Naveen Khetarpal (current)

Postdoctoral sponsor: Mingyu Zheng