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Temple University

corinne [dot] holmes [at] temple [dot] edu


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SILC Graduate Student Member and member of our Spatial Network.

Corinne is a fifth year graduate student in the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department at Temple University. She received her B.A. from Hamilton College in 2006 with a double concentration in Psychology and French. Research with the category adjustment model brought Corinne to Dr. Nora Newcombe, with whom she now examines spatial cognition; specifically, the development of navigation ability, spatial reasoning, and the acquisition and retrieval of spatial information.

In her first year, Corinne examined the role of slope as a navigational cue in school-age children. Results from this study indicate that experience with sloped-terrains may impact slope perception, and subsequently the use of slope, to successfully reorient in an otherwise featureless environment. In her second and third year, Corinne examined how spatial skills, such as mental scaling and proportional reasoning, can be improved via play-based interventions.

Currently, Corinne is examining the effect of object rotation versus perspective taking on the formation and retention of spatial representations. Results from these studies will elucidate how spatial information – such as inter-object location – is encoded, stored, and retrieved from memory, as well as how model-based learning can be most effectively implemented in the classroom.

Corinne Holmes CV:  Open .pdf document